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The factors that contribute to whether any particular antivirus for PC product will stand out in our antivirus reviews are: functionality, characteristics, and help and support.


computer-spywarePerformance is the most essential merchandise-choice criterion. To protect your computer and its data, antivirus software must do more than simply block malware that’s already been flagged as dangerous, and is so listed as malicious in databases maintained by the software supplier. It must also identify as possibly damaging fresh dangers overly new to yet be in the database, in addition to neutralizing hazards that manage to creep by the blockers and start to behave maliciously.

To quantify such performance, we draw on data from AV-Test, which exposes every application we’ve rated to tens of millions of real and potential hazards. In tests that use hundreds of workstations networked to dozens of servers, AV-Test evaluates how well various security software products protect and fix damage.


With performance as the foundation of antimalware merchandise assessment, it’s appropriate to also consider the attributes you need and the characteristics that would be nice to have. Our review demonstrates whether any specific product also protects you from phishing, flags hazards in e-mail and instant messages, and recognizes when you insert a thumb drive so it can scan for dangers.

Help & Support

After you identify the finest antivirus software for you concerning performance and characteristics, you should consider the support offered with the merchandise. All the products on our review offer support through email and phone calls, though it isn’t available 24/7 in all cases.

While the antivirus protection contained with Windows on your own PC offers a measure of protection, it’s less than that supplied by the finest performers. Given the many on-line threats that can infect your computer and steal your identity, we recommend buying and installing the best antivirus software to ensure optimal protection.

Product Recommendations

Some excellent antivirus and software recommendations for your computer are

There are a plethora of excellent antivirus programs available on the internet. Some cost money, and some are free. Find the best option for you, and protect your computer from virus and spyware attacks. Prevention is key to keep your computer clean.