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We live in the digital age. Our society is more inclined to stay inside and browse the Internet or watch TV than ever before. Technology has blessed our lives by making many aspects of it simpler - when it functions correctly. But as with anything in life, find a way to make folks happy, there will always be someone out there who'll use it to make people miserable.

This is referring. of course referring to computer viruses. Some are only a hassle, while others can destroy a computer, steal money, or even ruin a whole business. At a minimum, they can lead to costly computer repairs.

What exactly is a computer virus?

Let's start off by defining what a computer virus is.
The simple definition for a computer virus is this: Any applications which is written and distributed entirely for malicious motives.
avast-premier-software-updater-enHow that virus is distributed and exactly it does varies. A couple of examples of distribution include (but aren't restricted to):

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Malicious Websites

A number of examples of what a virus can do contain (but aren't limited to):

  • Erase Data
  • Allow remote access to your computer
  • Steal fiscal advice if you do computer banking
  • Prevent using specific programs
  • Run fake "Malware Scans" that try to fool you into paying money


How does a virus work?

Most computer viruses will "attack" what are referred to as "loopholes". These loopholes are places of code in an operating system or program which

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How can a virus change my life?

Viruses can cause many different things to occur to your computer, but what does that mean for you? Many people don't actually think of the consequences of

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How can I protect myself?

The answer is straightforward. Get yourself an antivirus application. They exist for all operating systems and there are so many to select from.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Hands down, the best endpoint security software on the market. I recommend it to everyone I know. I feel safe and secure with protecting me while I’m on the Internet, and the support staff is impeccable!” – R. Haze

“Internet surfing without any worries, no slowdown like others can cause, happiness knowing my computer is safe, running without a terrifying pause.” – V. Wolter

5 Steps to Protect Your PC

  1. Update your computer - Stop using computers with old and outdated operating systems. Upgrade your computer to make it more secure.
  1. Use antivirus software - No one should be without any antivirus software on their computer. Plenty of commercial products are available for you to choose from. However, be sure to configure your anti-virus software to update itself regularly. Also, plan to run a complete system check of your computer's hard disks at least once a month to guarantee nothing slipped in between software updates.
  1. Use a firewall – If you are using cable or DSL internet connection, hackers can attempt to break-in to your computer. Make sure your router/firewall are properly installed and configured. Don’t forget to reset the default password.
  1. Use complex passwords – Always use complex passwords. Use passwords that are longer than 8 characters to greatly reduce the chance that someone will guess your password. Hackers use automated tools that can break simple passwords. Also change your password at least every 3 months. Be creative, always come up with something new!
  1. Backup your important data regularly – There are many options to do data backup. Just make sure to store and backup all of your documents, photos, music and any other important files frequently so you’re still covered even if your machine breaks down.

Avoid unnecessary computer repair services, learn how to protect your computer!